ITM 200
6:30 - 9:00 Thursday
Fall 2014

Date Topic Assignment
August 26, 2014
Index Cards
Review Syllabus
Huffman Encoding
Introduction to Chapter 1
Carefully read the details in the Worksheet at this location.
Huffman Encoding notes
Because the University is closed on Monday, the lab is closed this Sunday.
For this reason, I will not have office hours on this Sunday but will be available the 30 minutes before
class in CK330.
September 2, 2014 Reviewed Huffman
Reviewed key ideas from Lecture, Huffman, Chapter 1
Introduced Chapter 2
Carefully read the details in the Worksheet at this location.
September 9, 2014 Reviewed Chapter 1
Lecture over Chapter 2
Discussed Starbucks exercise
Discussed example of database failover exercise
MS Excel Exercise
Carefully read the details in the Worksheet at this location.
September 16, 2014 Reviewed Chapter
Introduced Chapter 3
Excel - New Formulae
Excel Practical sample
Excel from class
September 23, 2014 Chapter 3
Lecture about hardware and software
Excel - Sorting, Subtotals, Charting
Excel File from Class
September 30, 2014 Chapter 3 brief review
Excel Topics
Access Topics
Lecture Notes
Excel Example of Ammortization
Access Example
October 7, 2014 Chapter 4 introduction
MS Access
Worksheet for October 7
Another sample practical.  (This one does not have PMT, PPMT, IMPT, and absolute/relative
references.  The real practical WILL have questions about them.)
October 14, 2014 Exam hints - check back in a day or two and I *may* have added more.
October 28, 2014 In Class Access Exercise Solution Homework for November 4:  Do the following parts of this Practical:
Create the tables and rules (Validation Rules)
Add the messages as specified in the Practical document
Relate the tables appropriately
Generate the report by Car Color
Sallie will likely walk around the room and ask to view the report.

Use this worksheet to prepare for the quiz

A copy of one of the midterm exams is posted here.  Answers will be posted this weethkend.
November 4, 2014 For next class, do the practical posted here.
You only need to do parts A, B and C.
The quiz will have at least 2 questions from the next set of midterm questions which is posted at
this location.
Also be sure you know such lecture material as the questions posted here.
November 11, 2014 Do the worksheet posted here which includes instructions for signing up for Web NG.
The next 20 midterm questions are posted here.
November 25, 2014 Remaining Midterm Questions and answers
Another Access Practical from a previous semester
Review topics