1.  1apps is available.  It is a free service and may have had an outage during class last Tuesday.
2.  See http://jwmjwm230.1apps.com/ for an example of what your page should look like.  (This is Seena's, a student in our class.)
3.  I will be available during office hours today at 4:00 to assist with building web pages.
4.  Class will be held as usual this Tuesday.  There will be no quiz.  We will continue to learn how to build web pages.  Everyone who attends will  likely leave class with that assignment fully completed.
5.  A worksheet will be posted by this Thursday.  There will be a quiz on December 1 over that worksheet.
6.  On December 1, we will spend the first half of class reviewing web pages and related topics.
7.  The second half of class will be spent on new material related to Chapters 5 and 6.