ITM 200
6:30 - 9:00 Thursdays
Spring 2016

Date Topic Assignment
January 14, 2016 Introduction
Huffman Encoding
In class exercise
Get the technology working
No Office Hours due to the MLK Holiday.  JCSB is closed.
January 21, 2016 Huffman
Introduction to Excel
Chapter 1
If you had any difficulty with the Excel topics covered in class,
come see me at office hours tomorrow at 4:00.
January 28, 2016 Excel Continued
Chapter 1
Introduction to Chapter 2
There WILL be a question or 2 from the Consumer Reports article passed out last week
on the quiz
February 4, 2016 Excel Continued
Chapter 2 Continued
Examples of BPMN
February 11, 2016 Excel Continued and Completed Worksheet
February 18, 2016 Worksheet
Solution to practical passed out in class
Excel Short Answer
March 17, 2016 MS Access
Chapter 4
Passed back exams
Solution to MS Access done in class
March 31, 2016 MS Access
Chapter 4
Sign up for 1Apps
April 7, 2016 MS Access
Chapter 4
Building Webpages
Practice Practical
Access Solution
April 14, 2016 Building Web pages Worksheet
April 21, 2016 Internet n-tier
SQL review
Final set of exam questions (others were passed out in class or posted to web page worksheets)